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(Telephone 210 74 70 001 24 HOUR COVERAGE)

Damage restoration service in residential and business premises in the prefectures:  
Attica - Thessaloniki - Larissa - Magnesia - Achaia - Heraklion and in the city of Chalkis

H MAPFRE ASISTENCIA care with specialized technicians and staff, 24 hours a 24 hour, 365 days a year to provide near you:

EMERGENCY SERVICE (emergency technical assistance service)

This service covers labor costs, the cost of travel of the technical and the cost of the necessary materials. The Insured has no extra charge, up to the limit of coverage as described below.

  • Immediate surgery for emergency repair damage to electrical and plumbing, glass, doors, windows and locks.
  • Cover the repair costs of the damage that may be caused for rescue or evacuation person or persons in the insured dwelling.
  • Storage space Service insured in case after fire, explosion, flood and theft remains unprotected.
  • Temporary replacement of TV, the VIDEO, the FAX, the DVD

The threshold for the above services is € 60 per specialty, and on condition that the insured will make use of three (3) times per service, and a total of five (5) times per year.

CONNECTION SERVICE (shipping service technicians)

Involves sending technical specialists at the request of the Insured for non-urgent cases, the purpose of budgeting for operations he wishes to perform the Insured to the insured area. If the offer is accepted by the Insured, the Technical Assistance Company with which we cooperate, coordinate the work, the guarantee of quality for a period of six months and cost control that, in these cases lies with the Insured.

This cover can be given to all insurance covering property offices, shops, housing

The annual insurance costs for the above provision will be 6,00 €

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Tel                 +30 26610 39532 - 26610 33387
FAX               +030 26610 28059

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