For all of us the care and protection of family life a purpose. Our greatest desire is to make sure our loved ones and offer them a better standard of living, without unpleasant financial consequences in the event of dying or inability to work.

The ATLANTIC UNION, designed to offer modern and economic programs, to ensure your family so as not to disturb the future balance and tranquility.

PROTECTION borrowers

This program is addressed to all those who have a mortgage or other loan and aims to meet your debt obligations by your smooth repayment of the loan balance.

 Offers you:

  • Stable and low premium for the duration of insurance
  • Payment of capital directly to the beneficiary bank, if dying or permanent total disability from any cause
  • The annual progress of your capital from the beginning of the insurance


In Atlantic Union created the Personal Accident plan, knowing that simple daily events can be unpleasant twists both for us and for our family. A program fully equipped to offer comprehensive and essential protection in an accident.

Offers you:

  • Immediate securing your family with capital to 75,000 euros and according to the terms of the plan
  • Doubling the capital will be paid to your family
  • Payment of capital to 75,000 if your accident caused impotence monimioliki
  • Payment of up to 70% of the capital insured in case of permanent merikisanikanotitas 
  • Replenishment up to 75% of net monthly income that you lose, and up to 2 years, if you can not work due to an accident which caused your temporary total or partial inability to fund up to 1,500 euros and in accordance with the terms of the program.
  • Coverage of medical expenses to be incurred because of the accident.


 Offers you:

  • Financial protection and ensuring family
  • Direct payment of fixed capital to the beneficiaries in case of death.
  • Coverage for a specified period.



Offers you:

  • Economic protection of the family
  • Yield to maturity of the program, provided survival, total net premiums.
  • Direct payment of fixed capital to the beneficiaries in case of death.
  • Additional benefit from the outperformance.
  • Ability acquisition.
  • Coverage for a specified period.
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