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What is the insurance program HOTEL UNITS? 
This is a full insurance program, which includes almost all the unforeseen risks that may threaten the company and its consequences. 
It provides the ability to insure both the building and / or content. 
 The program is aimed at customers of the Atlantic compound:  
       They want to insure the building or the contents of their business  
       want the maximum protection of their assets  
       in clients owners who rent out their properties and are a source of revenue

Provided coverages 

  1. Fire - lightning 
  2. Fire forest 
  3. Smoke fire 
  4. Wide boom 
  5. Aircraft fall 
  6. Collision of vehicle 
  7. Theft content thieves and damage to the contents 
  8. Breakage of glass to 3.000,00 € in fact & 6.000,00 € annually 
  9. Damage to the building due to theft with burglary in the amount of 5.000,00 € 
10. Terrorist activities 
11. Political unrest, stops, strikes 
12. Malicious actions 
13. Flood - storm - storm - Hurricane 
14. burglary piping & water installations - heating - cooling & abstentions ysis 
15. Expenses exploratory work for water damage in the amount of 1.500,00 € 
16. Snow - frost - hail 
17. Short-fire hearth in the amount of 20.000,00 € 
18. Liability due to fire and water leakage in water third to 10% of the capital (building and contents) to a maximum amount of € 30.000,00 
19. losses external signs and inscriptions (securely attached to the insured property) in the amount of 3.000,00 € and in fact every year 
20. water pumping costs in the amount of 3.000,00 € and in fact every year 
21. download costs licenses & fees engineers - architects in the amount of 10.000,00 € per annum and in fact 
22. rubble collection expenses in the amount of 10.000,00 € per annum in fact & 
The insured capital for property and content does not exceed 1,500. 000,00 € and the amount of 500.000,00 € for the content. Each equipment room (furniture, TV, mini bar etc.) 
The mechanical equipment (air conditioning system) 
The restaurant equipment (crockery, tables, etc.) (if available) 
The galley equipment (if available)  
The objects outside closed and covered areas and those that are under competitive costs 

What are the advantages of the program  
       contains a significant insurance coverage  
       provides coverage Earthquake (optional)  
       has a competitive cost


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