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The Atlantic Union is always at the center of technological developments. The modern character is demonstrated by the innovative and flexible programs of insurance. One of these is the insurance of drones, small unmanned helicopter [unmanned aircraft - SmiEA].

  • They started from the US for military purposes, but their use is growing at a very fast pace [according to US sources, their use only in the United States increased by 150 times, during the last decade]
  • Used for humanitarian purposes in food, medical supplies, drugs and biological materials or for medical examinations through inaccessible areas, for faster internet, security detection sites or search parking, entertainment etc. Already giants like Amazon and Google have expressed an interest
  • In Greece the use of the terms employed [videotaping events] or private [entertainment]
  • The liability insurance contracts covering damages to third parties that will probably be required to compensate the operator of the drone by misguided handling
  • The insured funds meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] for compulsory insurance of owners / operators of unmanned aircraft SmiEA
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