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What is the insurance program BUSINESS 

It is a complete security program that includes almost all the unforeseen risks that may threaten the company and its consequences. 
It provides the ability to insure the building and / or content. 


The program is addressed to those who:  
• want to insure the building or the contents of their company  
• They want the maximum protection of their property  
• Landlords rent out their properties and are a source of revenue 

Useful information and security requirements 

The program is divided into 3 categories depending on the use / type of each operation.
Covering property, the improvements / interventions on the building, false ceilings, glazing, lighting and air conditioning, separation, Carpet etc. Objects which are integral parts of the building. Covering episista furniture and other movable equipment Property, machinery, ie machinery the necessary for its operation, and the tools of the insured property goods, finished goods for sale, the semi-finished goods, which are being their construction, as well as raw materials and packaging materials, calculated at cost value, excluding VAT

Necessary preconditions :

- Be housed in outstanding buildings construction reinforced concrete roof.

- The insured capital does not exceed € 800.000 for property and contents and the amount of 400.000 € for content

- The coverage of the flood risk applies provided that the insured are placed on pallets or shelves at least 15 cm from the floor. Goods in basement or ground covered in consultation with the Company.

- To be effective all LEGAL PERMITS and CERTIFICATES by authority provided by law for the activity performed or will perform in the lock space Insured indicatively the following: 

A) the insured Lawful business licenses. 
B) Certificate of fire department on implementation of the study firefighting

C) fire protection measures specified by law regarding the activity of the insured company, in direct and proper function. 
D) On your cover includes theft coverage. In cases where no appropriate security measures for theft, there will be consultation with the company.

 provided covers

- Fire - Thunder - Bang

- Losses from Tobacco

- Fire in Forest

- Loss minimization costs (up to € 1,500.)

- Wide Bang

- Loss or damage by theft with burglary

- Damage to the building due to theft 1.500 €

- Money Loss of armed robbery (Hold Up) up to 1.500 €

- Flood - storm - storm - Hurricane

- pumping water coverage to first risk to 1.500 € per year in damage and 

- Burglary piping and water supply - heating - cooling and drainage

- Coverage of damage to the same piping up to the amount of € 1.000.

- Costs of exploratory work for water damage in the amount of 1.500 €

- snow - frost - hail

- Fire and explosion of terrorist acts

- Political unrest, stops, strikes, malicious damage

- Fall airplanes or objects detached thereof

- Vehicle Collision

- Loss on profits business interruption up to the amount of 150,00 € per day (Maximum 100 days compensation period)

- Fracture of crystals in the amount of 1.800 € per loss event and 3.000 € maximum annual liability company

- Coverage of bright and non-illuminated signs of risk insured at first risk to the amount of 600,00 € per claim and annual company responsibility to 1.200 €

- Disposal of debris (3% of the value of the insured capital with a maximum liability of the company € 3.000)

- Insurance costs for engineers, architects and other professionals to repair damage to the building resulting insured risk to 2.000 €

- relocation expenses (20% of the insured capital with a maximum liability of the company 9.000 €)

- fault coverage up to the amount of 3.000 €

- Loss of rents in the amount of 15.000 €


       This cover is provided up to the amount corresponding to 20% on the locking  

        building sum and / or content in cases of damage, with a maximum liability amount

        of 10.000 € and up to the amount of 10.000 € in case of personal injury claims

- Storage costs (of up to € 600)

- Content Transport costs up to 10% of the total insured amount of content to a maximum of 6.000 €

- Content Coverage during temporary relocation until six months from the date the insured risk materializes

- Money in the safe until 1.500 € 

- Coverage Lesion merchandise to 1.500 €

Under insurance coverage to 10% of capital for insurance (welfare condition)
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