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What we cover:

Cover any random and unpredictable physical / material damage or loss insured asset and / or subsequent loss gross income (within the compensation period listed below) because of an interruption of energy supply to the grid as a result of direct physical injury upon the occurrence of one of the covered risks. 

Provided covers 
1. Fire - direct lightning strike 
2. Damages from smoke 
3. Wide explosion 
4. Fire forest 
5. Attitudes, strikes, riots, civil commotion 
6. Malicious damage 
7. Terrorist
8. Loss fire / explosion machines shorting and electrical installations (same vrachykyklothentos machine damage) to 10% of damage capital to insure per event and year 
9. Loss due to a short circuit (loss vrachykyklothentos same machine) hypertension, convection, machinery and electrical installations up to 10% of capital for property damage insurance per event and year 
10. Flood - storm - storm, snow - hail  
liability limit of 100% of the facility amount insured c k funds to 50.0000,00 EURO and 50% for capital by EUR 50,000.00 up to 400,000.00 EUR 
11. Fall aircraft 
12. Collision of vehicles third 
13. Theft by burglary and / or climbing and / or robbery, damage to equipment 
14. Disposal of debris up to 5% of the capital insured property damage per event and year 
15. fees and architects etc. as professional expenses and licensing costs, etc. related requirements of public authorities to a maximum of 5% of the capital insured property damage per incident and the total year 
16 . Earthquake (Optional )

revenue loss (loss of earnings due to total or partial cessation of operation of photovoltaic systems) Consistency covered risks.

For professional use:  
To sum insured premises from 50.000,00 EUR - EUR 100,000.00:    
5.000,00 EUR with maximum coverage four months (1,250.00 euros per month). 
To sum insured premises by 100,001.00 euro - euro 400,000.00:    
15.000,00 euro with maximum coverage 6 months (2,500.00 euros per month).


Total capital is the sum of material damage capital and revenue loss. The individual limits of liability included in asfalizomenokefalaio not augment it.


1. Net loss history 
2. to insure photovoltaic installation will be covered after completion of the trial operation and delivery to the insured, and always after the connection to the grid and the issuance of the relevant authorization. 
3. Observance of all physical security measures as if there was this insurance and all statutory preventive and suppressive fire protection measures. 
4. Presence of protection measures against lightning overvoltages and convection (inside and outside) and grounding. There must be a study and upon request, be sent to the company. 
5. No damage covered by normal wear or misuse 
6. Excludes losses when performing installation work and / or maintenance 
7. Excluding the cover lines and power distribution networks that are not the insured property 
8. The theft coverage to mobile in outdoor equipment not supplied 
9. The cover natural phenomena not apply to equipment the countryside who has no such specification and design. Excluding losses from frost even if they are a consequence of falling snow or hail. 
10. The coverage of the earthquake risk may exceptionally be given under the express condition that the buildings erected with legal building permit issuance after 1960 and have not been damaged by the previous earthquake to date as well as equipment designed and installed earthquake standards 
11. during hot work should take all required safeguards in law (fire arrangement Article 7) 
12. Under the manufacturer's instructions and definitions regularly to program ogrammatismeni periodic maintenance and inspection of electrical installations. Existence signed by the competent technical inspection, maintenance certificate. 
13. The theft coverage for premises for commercial use, provided on condition that the installation has to insure complete fencing of over 2.00 meters, blocking entrances with security locks, adequate night lighting, storage and / or patrol by guard service personnel and / or an alarm system connected to storage company and / or police.  
14. If the company deems it appropriate, we inform you that, before the commencement of cover, you inspect the premises expert of the insurance company.

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