The name Agious has been connected for almost half a century with the provision of services. in accounting and insurance matters. The course of our office, starting with my father and my uncle, has been continuing for over twenty years with the presence of both myself and my associates.

It is a fact that, most recently, these services have been limited to tax and accounting matters, which we considered to be the area where we could be more useful.

However, the important changes that take place in the structure and benefits of the social state, as we had met in Greece and abroad with continued reductions in benefits [mainly pension and health], The growing need to protect other goods. such as residence, business, car or boat, led us to the decision to re-activate ourselves in the insurance sector as well.

Having the appropriate experience, while ensuring all the formal qualifications required for the lawful and orderly operation of our office insurance department, we invite you to discuss your insurance needs and move forward, in your insurance armor, in cooperation with one of the leading insurance companies operating in Greece, the ATLANTIC UNION.

The reasons we have chosen to cooperate with the ATLANTIC UNION are many, but we can distinguish our impressive international collaborations both at shareholders and reinsurers, such as the insurance

Basler, that it is Solvency II (267%) solvency ratio by all insurance companies operating in Greece, and without the use of any favorable transitional measures (more favorable assumptions), that it exercises all branches of insurance, that has service points all over Greece, has fast and simple compensation procedures and many others.

In the next time, both I personally and our specialized associates will contact you so we have a first contact, during which we will try to show you our insurance services.

Thank you once again for the confidence that surrounds our office, a trust that gives us the incentive to enrich and improve the content of our activities.


Yours sincerely


Georgia Nika Agious

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