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Collaborating Workshops


ATLANTIC UNION has established co-operation agreements with authorized dealerships in their majority, in Athens and Thessaloniki, so that our customers can enjoy immediate and qualitative repair of their car damage without paying money.


No money disbursement but direct payment of the amount to the partner workshop by our company (except for the provided exemption in the case of indemnity from Damages, Chill, Partial Theft)

Assured quality of repair with written warranty

Repair speed

New, genuine spare parts for cars up to 5 years old without deduction of age

Ability to provide a service car at no cost to you until your own vehicle is repaired (as long as there is availability in the partner workshop that you have addressed)


When can you use the repair of your car or motorcycle through the collaborating workshops:


A) If you are insured in the ATLANTIC UNION and:


Your car has suffered material damage after a collision without your own fault and the settlement of the damage is part of the Friendly Arrangement

Your car has property damage coming from:


 Natural phenomena


 Partial Theft

provided that such damages are covered by your contract with the ATLANTIC UNION.

Your car has suffered material damage covered by Coverage of Losses (Mixed Insurance).

B) If you are insured with another company not subject to the Friendly Arrangement and the person responsible for the accident is insured in the ATLANTIC UNION.


For information and appointments with our collaborating crews contact us at: 2107454025-2107454023-2107454013-2107454035

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Tel                 +30 26610 39532 - 26610 33387
FAX               +030 26610 28059

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