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What is the insurance program Rooms &  
small hotels
This is a full insurance program, which includes almost all the unforeseen risks that may threaten the business, and the consequences thereof. 
It provides the ability to insure both the building and / or content. 

The program is aimed at customers of the Atlantic compound:         
They want to insure the building or the contents of their business         
want the maximum protection of their assets         
in clients owners who rent out their properties and are a source of revenue

 provided covers

  • Fire - lightning
  • wide explosion
  • Forest fire
  • Losses from smoke
  • Short to 1.500,00 €
  • Theft after rupturing-robbery
  • Damage to the building due to theft euro 3.000,00 €
  • Terrorist actions
  • Civil unrest
  • malicious injury
  • Flood - Storm - Hurricane Kataigida-
  • Bursting water pipes, freeze-heating - air conditioning, sanitation
  • Costs of exploratory work for water damage in the amount of € 1.500,00
  • fall aircraft
  • vehicle collision
  • Shattering glass to 1.500,00 €
  • Coverage light and non-illuminated signs firmly tethered to the building,
  • Since risk covered up to the amount of 800,00 € on first risk per damage
  • And annual company responsibility to 1.200,00 €
  • Disposal of debris up to 5% of the insured capital upper limit 3,000.00

The insured capital for property and content not exceeding the amount of 800.000,00 € and the amount of 400.000,00 € for the content

In the meaning of the content includes: 
The equipment of each room (furniture, TV, mini bar etc.) 
The mechanical equipment (cooling-heating system, etc.)

What are the advantages of the program  
• Contains important coverages 
• Provides coverage Earthquake (Optional)  
• Has a competitive cost

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