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What is the pharmacy insurance program 

The Insurance Pharmacy program is a comprehensive security program that includes almost all the unforeseen risks that may threaten the company and its consequences. 
It provides the ability to insure both the building and / or content.

Addressed the pharmacies Insurance Program

The Pharmacy Insurance program is aimed at customers of the Atlantic compound:  
       They want to insure the building or the contents of their business  
       want the maximum protection of their assets  
       in clients owners who rent out their properties and are a source of revenue

What are the advantages of pharmacy insurance program

- Contains important insurance coverage and individual costs

- Has competitive cost

- The content includes recipes which will be covered in first risk up to EUR 8,000.00

- You covered and any damages caused on RAW MATERIALS laboratory of risk covered, provided that the existence of the workshop will be declared ,. the insurance application.

- With cover breakage piping leakage covered the drain and damage from water that leaked the fired from automatic fire extinguishing installation (SPRINKLERS SYSTEM) 

- With cover glass and mirrors covered snap. Also the coverage includes the purchase, transport and installation of glass-mirror and damage to any kind of boxes, letters and performances that exist on them.

- The lack of protection measures (rolls and / or alarm system connected with company security) will be charged to the premium content with 1,50 € per thousand euros of capital.

- Coverage of the fault goes without a fire

- Individual liability limits of provided coverage included in total capital for insurance and did not augment

provided covers

- Fire - lightning

- Subsequent DAMAGES fire in A risk to 10% of the insured contents capital

- Fire in forest

- Wide explosion

- Short circuit in A risk to euro 3.000,00.-

- Damages from smoke

- Loss or damage by theft with burglary in A risk to euro 8.000,00.-

- Loss from theft screens and window messages display computers with a maximum liability of our company EUR 1,000.00 per claim and per year

- Damage to the building due to theft A risk to euro 6.000,00.-

- Money Loss of armed robbery (Hold-up) in A risk to euro 1.500,00.-

- Cash in safe (cash deposit coverage) up to EUR 1.500,00

- Flood - storm - storm

- Burglary piping & water supply, heating, cooling, air conditioning and sanitation

- water pumping costs in the basement up to € 1.500,00

- snow - frost - hail

- Vehicle Collision

- Falling aircraft

- Fall trees - Column

- Breakage crystal A risk to euro 3,000.00.

- inscription Fracture (cross) with a maximum liability of our company EUR 800.00 (only covered if they are stuck on the building rather than on the sidewalk) -

- Fire and explosion of terrorist acts

- Political unrest, stops, strikes, riots

- Malicious damage

- Crashing landslide - precipitation

- Daily allowance of business interruption of risk covered (up to the amount of EUR 50 per day with compensation period 12 months)

- removal expenses rubble at first risk up to 5% of the insured capital

- Storage costs at first risk up to EUR 1.500,00.-

- relocation expenses - content transfer to A 'risk to euro 3.000,00.-

- Expenditure on studies - licensing A risk to euro 1.500,00.-

- Qualitative alteration in A risk to euro 1,000.00.

- Third party liability as a result of fire at first risk up to 20% of the insured capital

- Third party liability as a result of explosion in first risk up to 20% of the insured capital

- Urban water Liability A risk up to 20% of the insured capital

- Costs of exploratory work for water losses to 1.500 €

- Earthquake (Optional)

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