Civil Liability: Property manager

Covered the tenants, guests or the building of the mansion and any passers for bodily injury and property damage that may be caused:

- an accident for which the responsible manager of the building / house, which happens to a shared or jointly premises of the insured building (including elevators) and has a direct connection with the operation and use of the

- an accident that happens in space in front of the building and will be due solely to falling object that is part of the building. Covered and damage to third parties that occurs as a result of fire or explosion common parts of the building boiler


Covered all pet owners for the damage (personal injury and property damage) laid to zoo will proxevisei unintentionally to third parties.


Covered accidents (personal injury and property damage) laid any would been caused by negligence of the insured to a third party during his private life outside the profession.

accidents are also covered (personal injury and property damage) laid any be caused by electrical his / her spouse, minor children, domestic servants or any other person whose custody has the insured as well as relatives of the first degree They live with him in their private life and outside their professional activity.

LIABILITY amateur hunters

Covered amateur hunters, legal licensees, personal injury and property damage that may be caused to third parties by using (for amateur hunting), transportation and cleaning the weapon and damage (personal injury and / or property damage) to cause their foxhound (if any).

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