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 Provided coverage:

· When all risks (clause cover «A» -all risks: covers all damages or losses that may be been caused to transportable obstructions / but during and because of the transfer, except for certain specified exceptions.       

Ordinary risks (clause cover «C»): covered damage to transported obstructions / but that would result in:

; Explosion or fire of transport

; Stranding, sinking, or tipping of the vessel or watercraft.

; Overturning, derailment, impact or collision of the land transport.

; Impact or collision of the ship or other transport means to another object other than water.

· Unloading of goods carried in danger harbor or refuge.

· General Average Sacrifice.

· Willing throwing the goods overboard (JETTISON).

· General Expenses weightless & Sostratos

· Compensation proportionate liability of the insured due to collision of two ships.



· Insurance LPFs owned National Transport  
· Insurance owned International Transportation LPFs 
; Insurance transport companies owned by LPFs (National / International Transport) 
; forwarding Insurance companies

As a carrier, you know that since 2011, under the law, you are required to indemnify your customers if the goods carry damaged during transportation by you. 
A random and unforeseen event, such as a car accident, can result in great financial burden on you and your business when the owners of obstructions / demand of compensation. 
The carriers insurance programs of our company, allow you to have insurance coverage for large, but smaller, damage can occur to the goods transfer, with very competitive premiums    

The basic program covers include damages that may occur in the transferred obstructions / them from:

§ fire or explosion caused by the conveying means, reversal of the transport vehicle, drop the same in water in potholes and generally random deflection of the transport vehicle from the road, so as not to allow it to revert to the procedure of its own the media, collision of the means of transport in other vehicles, collision of the same, not only the load, in fixed or mobile radiators, besides ledge sidewalk

§ Damages laid ofeilovtai in proskroysi, collision or rollover apozimiovovtai only where the fact shall leave overt signs sto lorries aftokivito and movov following statement stiv Local Area Authority cop. Exairoyvtai The damage laid ofeilovtai exclusively in proskroysi of the load-or of the container

§ The insurance applies in the case of combined transport, ie when laden lorry propelled boat. In this case only cover the risks that originate from fire or explosion, collision, collision, capsizing, sinking or stranding ploioy, ekvoli load-sea, syveisfora-General in weightless and Sostratos. 

Optionally, they can be covered and damage to transported obstructions / them from: 
· Total klopi of the emporefmatos during road transposition  
; Wetting the goods from sweets the rainwater   
; minor damage (cracks, dents, scratches & liquids flows)   
; handling risks   
; petty and deficit 

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